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About the Artist: 

"I’m intrigued by the idea that jewelry provides an opportunity for expression in a way that is unspoken but also very versatile, as is our identity. It gives us a chance to show a side of ourselves that we may not otherwise share overtly. For me creating is as much a therapy as it is freedom to express myself without using words. I embrace this process using natural materials in my jewelry pieces – gemstones, metals like silver and brass, leather and ceramic pieces. This allows me to feel more connected to nature and to the beauty of the materials and their history. "


Rustic and Modern, Classic and Evolving

Jewelry through history has been used as a means of visual communication.

Like an iceberg, so much of our identity is unseen, hidden under the surface.

Jewelry provides an opportunity for expression, an unspoken statement of our identity

- tacit

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Like countless others with restless minds I often find that the process of creating is a constant necessity in my life. It serves to keep me grounded and a vessel to put my energy into. Whether it’s playing with paper, clay, repurposing furniture, photography or making jewelry - Art has been my therapy, my escape and my tool for self-expression.

Learning silversmithing was an idea floating in my mind, that was really thrown in my direction in 2020. Fueled by the transitions during the pandemic, there was suddenly space away from familiar distractions, and for my curiosity to fly again. This is when this project began.



With great awe and appreciation for the diversity that exists amongst us,

I began to reflect on the many ways in which we come to express our individual identities. Although most of my work as a therapist involves listening to others share about their story and how they have come to be who they are, so much of what we communicate is done visually and not through words. 


People have always found ways to individualize and express who they are - Even when tools were rudimentary we were carving, hammering, engraving, polishing - Making Jewelry - Nature our supplier of goods and possibilities. Throughout history, jewelry has been a tool for people to communicate their class and status in society; but it has also been a form for self-expression.

Here was a way to make a statement about who we are, to put something out there into the universe - unspoken. As an introvert I appreciate this type of outlet for self-expression. As an extrovert, I feel it is an opportunity to invite conversation. 

 A piece of jewelry to me is like a particular brushstroke on a painting. It can set the mood for the piece and it can leave you wondering why it’s there and what it has to say about the piece. 



It has taken time to see themes emerging in my work, but I always come back to letting each material guide my creativity.

I consider – curiosity, diversity, versatility – and how these relate to the human condition. For me, creating is freedom to express myself without words, and I embrace this process using only natural materials in my jewelry pieces – This allows me to feel more connected to nature and to the beauty of the materials and their history. 


 - Creating it’s also about having fun and learning new things - 

Most of my jewelry making happens this way:  Something- could be anything, triggers an idea. Then I consider how wearing that piece may make a person feel, or what they might wish to communicate by wearing it. I start looking at how different materials are used, how the metal can be shaped or how a stone looks in varying shapes or degrees of polish. If I don’t have what I need – material or skill, then I dive into a google adventure and consume all the research I can find. Often I come across interesting bits of information about the materials that makes them feel extra special when I am creating a piece. Once I feel I am finally ready to start , I walk into the studio, get my set up ready, get distracted and from time to time end up making something completely different than what I had planned. 

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