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I use only natural materials in the jewelry I create. 

Precious and Semi-precious Gemstones, Coral, Leather, Wood and Ceramic beads; precious metals such as Sterling Silver, Karen Hill Tribe Silver, Gold Vermeil, Gold-filled,

and Raw Brass.

Please avoid showering, swimming, and applying lotions and sprays while wearing your Jewelry.

Remove your jewelry when sleeping, store carefully to avoid damage.


Silver & Gold-Filled

Avoid tarnish - Special chemicals added to your silver, like copper, react with oxygen in the air to dull your bright silver jewelry - anything that makes the copper more reactive will make tarnish more likely: heat, moisture, radiation, chemicals, sweat.


It is normal for sterling silver to tarnish overtime, but keeping it away from moisture and oxygen, as well as a polish from time to time with a polishing cloth will slow down this process.

It is best to keep silver away from sitting on any surfaces that have been chemically treated.

For minimal upkeep and easy access, I like storing my silver jewelry pieces in a suede or velvet pouch or lined container. For a special piece I may rarely wear or for hard to clean pieces, I recommend a more airtight solution such as a Ziploc bag, and you may include an anti-tarnish tag inside as well for extra measure.

Gemstones & Ceramics 

Although the gemstones are strong enough to withstand the rigors of daily wear, care should be taken to avoid any sharp blows, and should be treated with care, stored in a jewelry box or bag provided, away from other jewelry.


Ceramic beads require similar care to gemstone beads. However because clay is porous, any unglazed beads are susceptible to staining.

Raw Brass & Leather 

Raw brass is designed to patina over time, but like silver, brass can also tarnish over time. Raw brass tarnishes quickly when introduced to water. Buffing with a jewelry polishing cloth will remove any tarnish, and you'll have a nice shine afterwards. For jewelry pieces that are brass and leather, avoid using any chemicals to clean your brass, as this can cause the dyed leather to discolor.

Taking these measures to care of your jewelry will ensure that it can be worn for years to come.

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